Joint Euro-Asia Advocacy Network for Tobacco Control in Children
May 31st, online

Prof. Dr. Doina Anca Plesca
Prof. Dr. Smaranda Diaconescu
Lecturer Dr. Bogdan Stana

Prof. Doina Anca Plesca
Prof. Smaranda Diaconescu
Prof. Aspazija Sofijanova
Prof. Georgina Kuli-Lito
Prof. Gentiana Qirjako
Prof. Sinem Akgül
Prof. Betul Ulukol
Prof. Ninel Revenco
Professor Gulnara Tashenova
Associate Professor Altynay Sadykova
Lecturer Bogdan Stana
Teaching Assistant Rodica Eremciuc
Dr. Jamilya Sadykova
Dr. Tatjana Baevska Vuchković
Dr. Daniyar Amatov
Dr. Aiganysh Dzhumagulova
Dr. Tazhieva Zhibek

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The consumption of tobacco and derived products represents a serious threat to the health of children, families and the environment. Due to the nature of the specialty, pediatricians have the unique opportunity to address both minor patients and their families. For this reason, they can become effective ambassadors in the fight against smoking in children. The identification of the training needs of pediatricians in the problem of tobacco consumption in children and adolescents and the methods to combat it was done by each national pediatric society, by surveying its own members